Polyvine Classic Colour Scumble Glaze 1L / mix with emulsion paint

Polyvine Classic Colour Scumble Glaze 1L / mix with emulsion paint

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Polyvine Classic Colour Scumble

Mix with emulsion

The only one hour working time glaze

An acrylic glaze which when coloured with satin or matt emulsion/latex can be used to produce semi transparent coloured paint effects.

For water and wear resistance, allow a minimum of 48 hours before protecting with Polyvine Decorators Varnish (gloss, satin or dead flat).


  • Select base coat colour in vinyl silk emulsion/satin latex. Apply base coat and allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours with ventilation.
  • Colour your Classic Colour with satin or matt emulsion. In warm conditions, above 21°c/70°f or in low humidity mix 6 parts Classic Colour to 1 part emulsion. In cold conditions, below 21°c/70°f or in high humidity mix 4 parts to 1 part emulsion.
  • Test on a small area of the effect before application.
  • Brush or roller the coloured glaze liberally over the base coat. Create the desired decorative effect by breaking the surface with a crumpled rag, bag, sponge or a Polyvine tool or brush.

CautionAlways test adhesion and the application of the effect on a trial area before starting.

StorageProtect from extremes of temperature during storage and  application.

Health, safety and the environment

  • Non-hazardous. Ensure good ventilation.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Contact with eyes - wash immediately with warm water. Remove
  • excess from tools and mixing vessels before washing in warm soapy water.
  • Do not empty into drains or watercourses.